Wildsau’s blog expands – let’s talk food!

After what seems like hundreds of contacts over time, I finally believe that my wife and I are not alone in our love for cooking and enjoying great food.  If you follow me on Twitter or if you’re my friend on Facebook, you know I often talk about food, and I often post pictures of what we’re cooking or what we’re eating.

Let me tell you where it started.  When it comes to our eating habits, we determined a long time ago that we will, with as few exceptions as possible, eat at home, eat home-made food, use fresh ingredients when we can, and eat around the dinner table.  We have some rules to follow those ambitions as well…..

1) we don’t make any exceptions, meaning if someone is feeling picky that evening, it’s too bad.  You will try a few bites, and if you don’t, you won’t have dessert or any bed-time snacks later.

2) you must ask to be excused, and when you are excused, you bring your dishes to the sink.

3) everyone takes part in the dinner conversation, including our little 3 year-old, and we have two standard questions we all have to answer – what was the best part of your day and what was the worst part of your day?

Obviously these rules are to add some structure for our kids, but we found it was important to not turn to the TV as the centerpiece for our dinners and we wanted to make sure our kids were part of this equation.  Therefore we include them in the prep if we can – both our kids have their own Wüsthof knife and their own cutting board – and they are excellent little prep cooks.  Why do we do these things?  We feel it’s important to eat healthier and to eat less refined food, and to spend as much time together as a family as possible.

So here it is – we’ve had, on countless occasions, requests to share recipes, techniques, pictures, sources of ingredients, cookbook recommendations, restaurant reviews, etc.  We don’t have any issues with sharing anything we do, and we’ve often asked for help or tips from others – we’d love to share as much as we can, because if we can get anyone else into enjoying the preparation and the consumption of their food as much as we enjoy it, it will be worth it.  It’s been a rewarding ride, and we’ve learned a lot since we got married and started taking our cooking seriously.  We don’t have any training, and we can’t do anything that anyone else can’t do – yes, for the most part, it takes more time to eat the way we do, but other than that, there’s nothing special about it.  We use locally available ingredients and we use normal cooking techniques.  We just enjoy it.  A lot!  We look forward to sharing some of our favorite recipes – in words and in pictures.

I want to be honest – we use recipes.  We don’t come up with a lot of our own unique and original recipes – we have on occasion, but we often use recipes as we find them, or as they come recommended by others.  And most often we find recipes that strike us as interesting and we make them our own, by tweaking, by experimenting, by changing things up.  It’s what has kept us interested and passionate about cooking.  The point here is that it’s the result I want to share, and I will always give credit as to where the recipe comes from if it’s not our own.  And we are always looking for winners from our friends and acquaintances – if you have a recipe worth sharing, please PLEASE do – we’ll try it out, document it, share it and certainly give credit where it’s due.

My plan is to share what we’ve tried, and to be objective with the results.  I also plan on keeping a few things consistent.  Whenever I share a recipe, I’m going to try to do several things: I will tell you how easy or difficult it is, I will tell you whether I felt it was ultimately worth the effort, I will tell you whether we would make it again, and finally I will tell you how our kids reacted to it.  Also, if applicable, I will share a story attached to this food, if there is one.

The words that tipped the scale in this direction were a result of sharing my pictures of a kale, sweet potato, onion and feta tart in a teff crust that we made tonight, January 31st.  Therefore I plan on starting with that recipe.

But before I do, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d love to hear suggestions to make this as useful as possible for anyone who stops by and maybe in terms of what you’d like to see here.  This is going to be my way of sharing something we do anyway and if you think you might drop in from time to time, I want to make sure it’s as accessible and enjoyable as possible.  Lastly, I get pretty wordy in my other blog posts – I can assure you that that won’t likely happen here.  I’m not pouring out my soul here, I’m filling my tummy.

I’m looking forward to this, and to hearing from you – now and in the future.

Bon appetit!


About Wildsau

I’ve been a cliched happily-married husband for over 10 years, father to 2 girls and 1 boy. I’m an outspoken guy, Apple evangelist, car freak, mini-van driver and a seeker of justice for the people. I’m a proud lifelong resident of Edmonton, AB and love my Edmonton Oilers. I truly enjoy a good coffee, especially paired with conversation, and I’ll take a piece of pie any time. I'm starting to enjoy quality teas lately but that's probably my age. My wife and I love cooking, creating gourmet experiences and sharing them with people, whether it’s in person or with pictures. My career allows me to work with people at their most vulnerable, and I appreciate their trust in me. I try to exercise empathy in life, as I realize I could easily be walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before I know it. Follow me on Twitter at @Wildsau if you’re interested in my daily blathering. But buckle up and be forewarned, it’s not for the faint of heart at times.
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3 Responses to Wildsau’s blog expands – let’s talk food!

  1. Yay!! (Because I’m sooo making that kale, sweet potato, onion and feta tart in a teff crust. ;>)

  2. Debra Ward says:

    Love your approach to family eating! As kids my sister and I always had to try something once before we said we didn’t “like” it. Usually we would try something we thought was yucky once or twice and then would decide we liked it after all! I am the least picky eater I know thanks to my parents! All vegetables, all fruits (except oranges, tangerines or mandarins to which I am highly allergic to) or any type of spice I am game to try it. Keep up the great parenting and keep the recipes and tips coming please and thank you!

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