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About Wildsau

I’ve been a cliched happily-married husband for over 10 years, father to 2 girls and 1 boy. I’m an outspoken guy, Apple evangelist, car freak, mini-van driver and a seeker of justice for the people. I’m a proud lifelong resident of Edmonton, AB and love my Edmonton Oilers. I truly enjoy a good coffee, especially paired with conversation, and I’ll take a piece of pie any time. I'm starting to enjoy quality teas lately but that's probably my age. My wife and I love cooking, creating gourmet experiences and sharing them with people, whether it’s in person or with pictures. My career allows me to work with people at their most vulnerable, and I appreciate their trust in me. I try to exercise empathy in life, as I realize I could easily be walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before I know it. Follow me on Twitter at @Wildsau if you’re interested in my daily blathering. But buckle up and be forewarned, it’s not for the faint of heart at times.

On the move…

Just a quick note that I’ve moved my blog to a new home – – I hope you’ll follow along.  Everything there should feel very familiar, albeit a bit more organized and accessible.  I’m looking forward to continuing my … Continue reading

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Life – it’s a lot like driving

I was thinking about life in general the other day and realized something.  In some ways, life is a lot like driving.  Life is a collection of moments – some short, some long, some memorable, some forgettable.  Driving is also … Continue reading

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Meatballs and Balsamic-Apple Chutney

Tonight we had a very simple dinner, and I thought this would be great as an appetizer too.  Simple to prepare, a nice mix of flavours, not too complex for kids and ingredients that are easily accessible, and possibly already … Continue reading

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Indian Vegetarian Curry

I was going to make my first food post about the dinner tart we made the other night, but I need to do some more work on the recipe.  So here it is: my first food post. We often make … Continue reading

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Wildsau’s blog expands – let’s talk food!

After what seems like hundreds of contacts over time, I finally believe that my wife and I are not alone in our love for cooking and enjoying great food.  If you follow me on Twitter or if you’re my friend … Continue reading

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Why I got rid of my baby

My heart is shattered.  I’m not sure where to turn.  If you don’t handle stories about tragic loss and grief well, you might not want to read on.  Three weeks ago, we welcomed a baby boy into this world.  I … Continue reading

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Anthropologie, security tags and a tainted shopping excursion

I want to briefly tell you about what happened to us yesterday evening. We had a baby last Saturday – that’s laid out in detail in my last post. My wife is a go-getter and has definitely done very well … Continue reading

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